Have fun at Duka Bay Resort with our kayaks, paddleboards, aqua bikes and glass bottom boats...

Snorkel and Kayak Rides

Enjoy actual fish feeding while snorkeling. With hundreds of colorful fishes swimming their way to the food you hold in your hand - it's just superb and amazing!

Glass Bottom Boats and Banana Boat Rides

Be mesmerized by the hidden beauty of the deep by just riding on the glass boat, you will be captivated by the under the sea world. From fishes to corals, sea snakes and a whole lot more, all you need is just one ride to the sea and off the shore!

Aqua-Sports Services

Contact Numbers | Lemuel Alfeche: (+63) 936-961-2623 and Jess Pelaez: (+63) 917-717-7864

Aqua-Sports Packages
Coral Viewing On-Board (10-passenger capacity)

Php 600 per trip

Educational Tour Package (10, 20, 30 persons in group)

To be arranged

Kibungtod River Trekking with "SUP" Group Ride (Min 5 Pax)

(A) Kibungtod River SUP Trekking Day ride (No meals)

Php 500 per pax

(B) Kibungtod River SUP Night Trip / Firefly Watch (With meals)

Php 900 per pax

Aqua-Sports Equipment Rentals
Face Mask with Snorkel

Php 350 per hour

Face Mask Only

Php 300 per hour

Dive / Beach Booties

Php 150 per hour

Swimming Fins

Php 200 per hour

Swimming Vest

Php 100 per hour

Stand-Up Paddle Board (SUP)

Php 400 per hour

Ocean Kayak - Single Rider

Php 400 per hour

Ocean Kayak - Double Rider

Php 450 per hour

Aqua-Bike Ride

Php 500 per hour

Aqua-Sports Boat Rentals
Dive Boat (Residence dive site only)

Php 680 per dive

Dive Boat (Outside Duka Reef; plus actual fuel cost)

Php 1,000 per trip

Rubber Boat (Residence dive site only)

Php 600 per dive

Sports Fishing Boat (Gingoog Bay Area; plus actual fuel cost)

Php 200 per hour

Banana Boat Ride (15-minute duration)

Php 1,600 per trip

Paddle Boat Ride (Local paddle boat)

Php 300 per hour

*Prices may change without prior notice

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Underwater Exploration Without Scuba

By Bobby Timonera, Philippine Daily Inquirer, Sept. 4, 1999. Updated August 7, 2001.

Do you want to see the underwater world without spending tens of thousands of pesos on scuba gear or without undergoing weeks of training before becoming a licensed diver?

Well, I and my family just did that and we spent only Php200 to enjoy the sight we usually see only on Discovery Channel, or on our kids' ''Magic School Bus Explores the Ocean'' CD-ROM.

Thanks to enterprising individuals and environmentalists here, this sight usually reserved only for the rich and the daring could now be accessed by ordinary mortals, kids included. (Read more)